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1st/2nd Grade Coach Brian Dickerson

Meet Coach Dickerson! Coach Dickerson will be coaching our 1st/2nd grade team this year and brings with him 15 years of coaching experience. Coach Dickerson is the father of 11 children, with his youngest going into 1st grade. He wants the players on his team to have fun and love the game of football.

3rd Grade Coach Danny Bentley

Meet Coach Bentley! Coach Bentley will be the 3rd grade coach for PGYF this year and has been coaching football for 12 years (5 of those as head coach). Our parent survey feedback for Coach Bentley has always been phenomenal as he is passionate about helping the boys accomplish things that they couldn't do on their own.

4th Grade Coach Brandon Read

Meet Coach Read! Coach Read will be coaching the 4th grade team this year. He has been coaching with PGYF for the last 3 years and his primary focus is player development and teaching a love for the game.

5th Grade Coach Wolfgramm

Meet Coach Wolfgramm! Coach Wolfgramm will be the head coach overseeing our 5th grade teams this year. He brings with him over 5 years of coaching experience and has developed championship players both on and off the field. He just handed over a very competitive group of players to the high school Freshman program and is excited to start working with a younger group of players.

6th Grade Coach Joe Jensen

Meet Coach Jensen! Coach Jensen will be the head coach overseeing our 6th grade teams this year. His last year's 5A team is coming off a conference championship in a very tough division. Coach Jensen and his coaches work hard to build up every player and balance providing the right amount of competition while building their confidence and having fun! Every is welcome and everyone plays.

7th Grade Coach Colby Jacobson

Meet Coach Jacobson! Coach Jacobson has been coaching with PGYF for the last several years and will be the head coach overseeing our 7th grade teams this year. Coach Colby Jacobson brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the football field and the players love him.

8th Grade A Team Coach Casey Willoughby

Meet Coach Willoughby! Coach Willoughby will be coaching the 8th grade A team this year. He has coached football for 9 years (and counting!) and has built a great rapport with the players, parents and officials.

8th Grade B Team Coach Larry Reeves

Meet Coach Reeves! Coach Reeves will be coaching the 8th grade B team this year. He has 3 years of coaching experience under his belt and has built solid relationships with both the parents and players.

Additional Coaches

Additional Coaches will be announced soon for B teams and for additional teams with our younger grades.

Background Checks

All head coaches are required to be background checked as well as the assistant coach who will be running practice when the head coach is not there. PGYF will pay for the background for head coaches and assistants in charge of practice when the head coach is not there.